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Hot Girl Get Banned While Streaming With No Bra – Bigo

Bigo is the newest streaming application that is currently popular. Its popularity that these young people enjoy doing has changed their lifestyle a little. In order to get a lot of stars, they are willing to do anything. More likely, ncludes streaming with no bra for girls.

At first this girl thought that half-way streaming would help her. Even though the face is only shown halfway and also the body, it turns out that Bigo Admin can still sniff her. This girl was caught and banned by Bigo moderators for some time.

It is known that this girl is a streamer from Indonesia. From the language and accent he spoke told that he came from Indonesia. This girl in pink was suddenly stopped during Live. And immediately the streaming display changes to “Live Ended”.

Bigo’s prohibitions are:

  1. Sexual or obscene content is prohibited
  2. Do not leave the camera for a long time
  3. Do not sleep while online

And this girl has broken rule number 1 and Bigo’s community guidelines. Apart from this behavior, it turns out that there are many other streamers who are doing the same thing. However, They took actions that were strictly prohibited by Bigo just to get money.

The link can be seen on Youtube “Waktu Terbaik in the link below

Thai Girl Dancing With No Bra On Bigo Live

The girl with long hair who wore only an open white shirt and no bra went viral. This action is done to lure the male spanders to issue gifts to him. It turned out that the action was successfully carried out and somehow it was not banned by Bigo.

This Thai girl casually swayed by slightly opening her shirt. Shows a little part of her breast. This streaming has been carried out for more than an hour and has a viewership of two thousand.
This video link is taken from Youtube. Above all, this is the video.

Link video ini diambil dari Youtube “Waktu Terbaik” Bigo Live No Bra

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